Subject: , ISSeP, Project, Mobility, Citizen, Microsensor

Under the Walloon Environment-Health Plan, ISSeP has carried out a new study, called Étude Dynamique Intelligente du Trafic (EDIT, 2021-2023), with the objective of assessing the impact on ambient air quality of mobility and town planning improvements in the cities of Namur and Eupen (for instance, extension of a pedestrian walkway, modification of a traffic plan, etc.), whether or not in addition to a local low-emission zone. The objective of the study was to provide the two towns a decision-making tool to guide their mobility choices, with the primary aim of improving ambient air quality.

  • to step up traffic counts in Namur and Eupen with the help of volunteer citizens who have placed a counting device in their window,
  • using these traffic counts to develop a mobility model that will enable traffic to be estimated for the entire network in these two municipalities,
  • gradually deploy ambient air quality measurements in streets where traffic is still measured,
  • produce very high spatial resolution maps of current pollution levels using a model of the dispersion of pollutants emitted by traffic,
  • and finally, thanks to the methods implemented, to test scenarios in order to evaluate solutions before they are implemented, highlighting their positive and negative effects.

The final report of the EDIT study is available on the ISSeP website in the "Projects" category.