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Good news for Walloon citizens! is enhancing its services by now publishing data from air quality ministations, sourced from the Microcapteurs projects (involving Walloon municipalities) and EDIT (Namur and Eupen). Complementing the reference monitoring stations, these ministations provide highly localized, real-time information on the air quality index, allowing everyone to stay informed about the local air they breathe.

Additionally, the city of Liège is actively participating by publishing the measurements from its network of air quality ministations on its open data platform. These 16 devices, complementing the four reference stations already present in the municipal surveillance network, will improve the mapping of atmospheric pollution with carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), and fine particles (PMx) within the city. Citizens can now monitor air pollution in their neighborhoods, hour by hour, thanks to this near real-time data sharing. This initiative offers the people of Liège access to precise local data, thus enhancing transparency and community engagement towards the environment.

Explore this new resource through the map menu on the Wallonair website under "Live Measurements" >> "Ministations."

Together, let's act for a healthier environment and a better quality of life!