Subject: SOWAER, , ISSeP

Since 2019, ISSeP has been monitoring the ambient air quality around Charleroi airport on behalf of SOWAER (Société Wallonne des Aéroports). Two measuring stations have been installed and the first measurements started in July 2019.

The pollutants measured at each site are:

  • Carbon monoxide;
  • PM10 and PM2.5 fractions of suspended particulates;
  • nitrogen oxides;
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, including naphthalene
  • formaldehyde;
  • hydrocarbon fallout.

In addition, the station located in Rue D'Heppignies is equipped with a weather mast (temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and speed).

From now on, the results will be published in real time on the website.

For more information, the specific annual report can be found in the "Publications" section of this website.



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