Subject: ISSeP, Microsensor

Evaluating air quality at any location in the territory requires numeric modelling of the transport and chemistry of atmospheric pollutants and/or multiplication of the number of measurement points.

As the first option requires the second for validation purposes, it seems appropriate to set up a dense air quality assessment network. Reference instruments are expensive and, as such, it is impossible to purchase more from a budgetary point of view.

On the other hand, the use of economical sensors would make it possible to obtain several hundred measurement points in Wallonia.

It was therefore decided to launch a project aimed at

  1. densifying information on air quality;
  2. understanding measurements from low-cost multi-sensor platforms;
  3. spatiotemporally analysing mini-station records

and structured as follows

  1. developing air quality assessment mini-stations based on low-cost sensors;
  2. validating these sensors in the laboratory;
  3. validating these sensors in the station;
  4. installing mini-stations in the field;
  5. review report

The project sheet is available on the ISSeP website :