Subject: ISSeP, Project, Microsensor

Recently, the LIEGE CREATIVE meeting and conference forum highlighted the work undertaken by Fabian Lenartz (Project Manager, ISSeP Air Quality Unit) and Valery Bround (Head of the Electronics Service at the Haute École de la Province de Liège (HEPL)).  During this conference, the two participants presented the various low-cost ambient air quality measurement systems (micro-sensors) that they are developing to meet a key need: to measure the various components of pollution with precise spatial and temporal resolution (more information ...). These micro-sensors (Antilope) will be installed in the Walloon municipalities in the course of 2021.

You will also be able to see the presentation by Coraline Radermecker (PhD student in Cellular and Molecular Physiology, GIGA-R ULiège) on her research work on the influence of ozone (O3), a tropospheric pollutant that can increase the risk of asthma (responsible for 14% of new asthma cases) and the appearance of metastases (team of Professor D. Cataldo, ULiège) in the lungs. Their research therefore focuses on the mechanisms that can lead to the development of these diseases.

Here is the link to access the content of the conference and watch it again on video:

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